Contactless card is the new king

We have asked 4 000 online consumers in China, USA, UK and India about their payment methods. The study shows that contactless payment cards have a high awareness among consumers, but barriers need to be removed if this payment method wants to increase usage and market penetration. Here biometrics can help, as it is the only way to offer convenient security and make contactless payments work for real in everyday shopping.

Consumers agree, when asked, they immediately see fingerprint in a payment card as the next logical step. 50 percent would even pay extra on top of their yearly fee to have this in their future bank cards. Consumers use of biometrics in smartphones are paving the way to this, people are now used to and trust biometrics and see the benefits it brings.
To view the results of our study regarding consumer payment methods, download the infographic here.

Read the full article about contactless card as a payment method here.

Worry-less payments with biometric smartness.